I am a freelance professional photographer living in the UK. I specialise in Music, Street, People and Art.

I am available for commissioned work the world over. 



Rolling Stone Magazine
Mojo Magazine
Warner Brothers Music
Creation Management
Fred Perry Subculture
Lee Scratch Perry
Fat White Family
Sleaford Mods
Fun Lovin Criminals
Belle and Sebastian
John Power
Lee Fields and the Expressions


New York Lower East Side 2013
New York Times Square 2014
Louvre Paris 2015
London Deptford 2016
Kuala Lupar KLPA Finalist Exhibition 2017
Liverpool District 2017


If the definition of being professional means you get paid for what you do then I'm below amateur, however if being professional means you're not a dick, you work hard at what you do and you deliver the goods then I'm 80% there.

I was born in the same place as William Wallace to different parents. 
I have more charm than all the psychopaths in Rampton combined.
I analyse more than Freud.
People annoy me.
Solitude comforts me.
I'm a fantasist, an equalist, and an energist, I make my own shit up.

I was a Jamaican pirate in a previous life.

Conspiracy theories are conspired by those they conspire against to cause confusion. Beautiful.

Aliens exist but they only come here to listen to Warhaus.

And I fucking love photography and rum

Got interviewed by Fred Perry, nice fella.

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